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Student Application for Internships

  1. Please read the following instructions before completing:
    Review the Minimum Qualifications on the job announcement. If applying for more than one internship, a separate application is required for each.
  2. School Information:
  3. Skills and Training
  4. Internship Preference*
  5. Certificate of Application
    I certify that all of the statements made on this application are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and are made in good faith. I understand that any false or omitted information, which I may or may not give, may result in either denial of internship or termination. I authorize the City of Patterson to investigate all statements on this application, including work references. I acknowledge that this internship is conditional upon successful completion of a physical examination and/or drug screening test, and a background check as part of the City's pre-employment policy.
  6. Certify*
  7. Consent
    It is the City's policy, as a part of the selection process, to contact your former employers for employment-related reference information. If you refuse to authorize us to contact all but your present employer, you will be disqualified from consideration for the position. Employers will be contacted only if you have met all other qualifications and you are actually being considered for employment.
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