Sperry Ave Improvements Phase II 

This project consists of an overlay/road reconstruction with dig-outs as needed along Sperry Avenue between American Eagle Avenue and Ward Avenue in the City of Patterson, Stanislaus County.  The road segment where construction will occur spans approximately half a mile.   The road functions as a Minor Arterial Road, allowing a main route through the City for residents and the transportation of goods. Before overlaying, pavement surfaces with severe conditions will be excavated and reconstructed with aggregate base and asphalt concrete.  The existing road will be cold planed where tying into the existing road sections and along existing gutter sections.  All existing striping and markings will be removed in preparation of an overlay, disposed of in accordance with regulations, and replaced with thermoplastic striping and markings after the completion of an overlay.  All existing manhole and valve covers are required to be raised to the final grade.   In addition, all crosswalks and curb ramps within the project area will be reconstructed to meet the most current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards. This is an effort to maintain and improve roadway safety within the City of Patterson.  All improvements are located within the City of Patterson right-of-way.

Project Status

This project is currently in the design phase.

Notice of Exemption