Water Metering Project


To comply with the provisions of the State’s Urban Water Management Plan Act, Climate Change and related provisions of the California Water Code, the City pursued and was awarded DWSRF construction funding for its Metering System Replacement Project (Project). This Project is a step toward a more modernized water metering system that will assist the city and its residents to better manage the City’s groundwater resources. 

Benefits of the Metering System Replacement Project

Access to your water usage information. Once the customer portal becomes available, residents will have the option to register through utility billing to access the city's online water use portal to see your water use on a daily and hourly basis. 

Reduction of water loss. Water leaks on the homeowner side of the water meter can be identified on a real time basis with hourly reads and reported more quickly by the homeowner. 

Save money. Knowing your hourly and daily water consumption history enables you to better understand and make informed decisions about your account water used in actual water bill. 

Water alerts. Set up leak and other usage alerts so that they are automatically sent to you and continuous water alert is identified, which is often indicative of a water leak. This can save money and prevent property damage that often results when leaks run undetected.

Scope of Work

The upgrades will include replacing the current water meters for new meters with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). AMI uses a low-powered communication device that is added to the new water meter to transmit hourly water usage information over a secure network approximately four times per day. The Project is anticipated to begin in October 2022 and be completed by January 2024. 


Project schedule updates will be scheduled by the City as required. 

Purchasing water metersMarch/April 2022
Bidding ProcessJuly/August 2022
Award ContractSeptember 2022
Construction Start DateOctober 2022
Construction Completion DateJanuary 2024

EyeOnWater Application

EyeOnWater (EOW) services give consumers direct access to their water consumption data and provide tools to help them manage their water use. EOW enables customer outreach and delivers information to them on the web and through mobile apps. EyeOnWater also delivers leak alerts and usage trends to customers through email, text messages or on-smart device notifications. 

For questions regarding this service, please call Public Works at (209) 895-8060. Watch the YouTube Video below for more information:


Other Information 

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Contact Information 

If you have questions regarding this project, please contact Public Works at (209) 895-8060 or email publicworks@ci.patterson.ca.us