Mid San Joaquin-Regional Flood Management Plan

About the Plan

 The development of the Mid San Joaquin River (Mid SJR) Regional Flood Management Plan (RFMP) began in March 2013 and was concluded September 2014 through the participation of a range of stakeholders primarily from Stanislaus County. The result of the effort will be a vision for a flood-safe region that identifies challenges and opportunities for flood management and a prioritized list of actions for DWR to consider in their Central Valley Flood Management Plan (CVFMP). It will also identify priority flood protection projects for stakeholders to pursue. This regional planning effort was created to give stakeholders the opportunity to develop a plan to reduce flood risks in the area from the confluence of the Merced and the San Joaquin Rivers to the confluence of the Stanislaus and the San Joaquin Rivers.

Through this locally-driven process, stakeholders will have an opportunity to identify the flood management opportunities in the region, ranging from measures appropriate on agricultural lands to actions designed for more developed zones in the communities of the region. Participants include local, state and federal government agencies, flood control agencies, irrigation distractions, reclamation districts, levee maintenance districts, agricultural interests, landowners, community groups, as well as recreation and environmental interests. The final plan will capture input from these diverse interests to identify prioritized projects, including a cost/ benefit assessment for each project. Ultimately, the Mid SJR RFMP is the critical foundation needed to cultivate collaboration among stakeholders and position the region for future funding opportunities.

The City of Patterson has remained engaged from the initial working groups of the CVFMP. It has submitted numerous storm drainage and flood control projects that have been included in the MSJ-RFMP. Please click on the links below for a draft version of the plan and more information on the process of the MSJ-RFMP. The plan was approved by the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors in December 2014.

MSJ-RFMP Final Draft 2014 (PDF)
Appendices (PDF)
MSJ-RFMP Website

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