National Public Works Week

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National Public Works Week

National Public Works Week (NPWW) is a celebration of the tens of thousands of men and women in North America who provide and maintain the infrastructure and services collectively known as public works. The City of Patterson's Public Works Department has over 50 employees that work in seven different divisions. These divisions include water, wastewater, parks and landscape maintenance, streets and collections, urban forestry and buildings, fleet maintenance, and administration.

Our water operations division provides potable water service to over 6,100 customers. Water operators maintain and service 49 miles of water mains, 587 fire hydrants, 978 water valves, nine potable and two non-potable wells, and repair water leaks within city easements. Our water quality control facility provides sewer service to over 5,900 customers and requires the maintenance of 15 ponds that spread over 240 acres. Our wastewater operators also maintain 16 monitoring wells and operate as a Class III facility, which operates at a more complex and stringent level to ensure the cleanest water. The Parks and Landscape Maintenance Division maintains 141 acres of parks and landscaping that includes 53 parks and facilities and 25 playground structures. Alongside the Parks Division, the Urban Forestry and Building Maintenance Division maintains over 18,000 trees and provides vegetation management for 38 acres of city-owned facilities. This division also maintains approximately 30,900 square feet of operating facilities. Maintaining our streets is the Streets and Collections Division. Our crew ensures our 80 miles of streets are clean, safe, and serviceable to the public. Besides streets, our crew also maintain all the inlets, manholes, pump stations, storm lines, and detention basins within the city limits.

Our Fleet Maintenance Division, which operates out of our corporation yard located at 16215 Baldwin Road, maintain and repair over 120 vehicles and large pieces of equipment. They do the purchasing of equipment and provide the training for all our employees on new vehicles and machinery.

Lastly, we have our administration division. Our administration division deals with customer service requests, permitting, park reservations, maintenance of Benefit Assessment Districts, Landscape Maintenance Districts, and the County Service Area account. They also manage environmental programs such as the Water Conservation program, Storm Water Pollution program, and the Recycling program. The Public Works administration staff also maintains the department's budget, transportation program, flood administration, contract administration, and does regulatory reporting for the city.

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