Public Works

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service to the residents of Patterson while maintaining the community's infrastructure in the most cost-effective manner possible. We constantly strive to improve our customer service and efficiency.

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The Patterson Department of Public Works is comprised of dedicated & hard-working employees committed to maintaining & enhancing the City's infrastructure & natural resources. Public Works is the largest department in the City, dealing with basic infrastructure and providing vital City services through three main branches

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Operations & Maintenance, led by Deputy Director Xavier Guluarte & Will Barrera.

Xavier Guluarte

Xavier Guluarte oversees Fleet Maintenance, Park & Landscape Maintenance, Urban Forestry & Building Maintenance.

Contact Xavier Guluarte

Phone: (209) 895-8166
Fax: (209) 895-8169
Email Xavier Guluarte

Will Barrera

Will Barrera oversees Water Operations, Streets & Collections Divison and the Electrical Division.

Contact Will Barrera

Phone: (209) 895-8164
Fax: (209) 895-8169
Email Will Barrera

Water Quality Control, led by Wastewater Manager Victorio Tostado.

Victorio Tostado

Victorio manages the Streets Maintenance & Repair Division, Sewer Mains & Laterals Division and the Water Quality Control Facility.

Contact Victorio

Phone: (209) 895-8150
Fax: (209) 895-8159
Email Victorio Tostado

Administration, led by Deputy Director of Regulatory Compliance & Administrative Services Sonia Delgado

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At Public Works, our purpose is to provide a wide range of maintenance repair services to the community while providing excellent customer service.

Contact Sonia

Phone: (209) 895-8064
Fax: (290) 895-8069
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