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Short Golf starz!

The goal of the ShortGolf starz! League is for the participants to develop the motor skills necessary to eventually play golf by utilizing positive reinforcement and FUN activities.   There will be a special emphasis placed on learning golf’s basic terms and etiquette so as to better prepare each child for a real golf course setting.  

Participants will be divided into teams of four and assigned a coach for the duration of the six-week league.   Even though this is a “league” and there will be “teams”, we encourage you to minimize the competitive aspect and focus on skill development, safety and FUN.

Age:                               5-7 and parents 

Day:                               Saturdays

Dates:                            September 25 - October 30

Time:                             9:00 -10:15 a.m.

Location:                       Tilton Park, 1033 W. Las Palmas

Cost:                              $52 

Registration:                 August 18 and ends September 15