Swim Lesson Level Description

Swim With Me! – Age: 6 mo. – 5 yr
Designed for younger children with little to no experience in the water. This class utilizes many techniques that teaches parents to help their children get comfortable in and around the water; an essential skill to achieve prior to learning to swim. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the water.

Preschool Age Lessons
Starfish: Age: 3 – 4 yr (Children under the age of 3 should enroll in Swim with Me!)This class teaches the students to be comfortable getting in the water without parent assistance, being comfortable in the water, going underwater and learning to float with assistance.

Sea Turtles: Age: 4 – 5 yr Designed for those who may be too old for Starfish or who have completed Starfish but need some more help in the water before progressing to other levels. In addition to going underwater and floating, Sea Turtles will learn more essential swimming skills such as how to properly hold a kickboard and the fundamentals of certain swim strokes.

School Age Lessons
Penguins: Age 6 and up This class is not a continuation from Sea Turtles (Please see Seals). This class is designed for older children that are TOTAL beginner swimmers. In this class students will learn to become comfortable in the water, and more fundamental skills.

Seals: Age 5 and up This course should be taken after a child has become comfortable in the water and can float unassisted. Students will learn the float roll, the streamline and will learn to front-crawl for at least 3 feet and the fundamentals of backstroke.

Sting Rays: Age 7 and up Although it is very rare for children under the age of seven to be at this swimming level, children who have passed Seals and can exhibit good listening skills may be permitted to promote to Sting Rays. Sting Rays will learn to front crawl for 15 feet non-stop, the fundamentals of side-breathing, and the fundamentals of backstroke.

Dolphins: Age 7 and up Students build on their front & backstroke skills, learn elementary backstroke, how to tread water, diving techniques and the building blocks of breaststroke.

Sharks: Age 7 and up Students build on endurance; they learn to swim 50 yards non-stop and tread in the water for two minutes.

Private Swim Lessons
Private Swim Lessons: 2 - 99 years Private swim lessons allow the participants to work one on one with the instructor on their personal swim goals. Private swim lessons are a good way to help overcome a fear of the water or focus on a particular skill.