Youth Action Commission (YAC)

The Patterson Youth Action Commission (YAC) was started as a way for the youth and teens in Patterson to have a voice, and give back to their community. This program helps provide teens 6th through 12th grade with activities, and learning experiences that teach leadership social skills, problem solving, and team building skills; while promoting community and cultural awareness. We value and promote youth ideas, input, involvement, diversity,  communication, and success. This is a purely youth led program, therefore the youth can make a difference in their community!

How to Become a YAC member:
  If you would like to become a member of YAC you can drop by the Recreation Department, located next to the Hammon Senior Center, to pick up a registration form. If you have any questions regarding YAC, speak to one of the many YAC members on your Creekside, Walnut Grove, Sacred Heart or Patterson High School Campuses, or you can call Kelly Nelson.
Location: Patterson High School, Creekside Middle School, Walnut Grove, Sacred Heart
Fees: FREE
Registration: Continues Year Round
Contact: Kelly Nelson - (209)895-8084    or

First Y.A.C. Meeting:
Patterson High -
September 12th
Creekside - September 13th
Walnut Grove - September 14th
Sacred Heart - September 15th
                                                                     Previous YAC Events
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