AB 1234 FREE Online Ethics Training

On October 7, 2005, the Governor signed Assembly Bill Number 1234. AB 1234 requires that if a local agency provides any type of compensation, salary, or stipend to, or reimburses the expenses of a member of its 'legislative body' (as that term is defined in California Government Code Section 54952), that local agency's officials must receive training in ethics.

The bill also provides that if an entity develops criteria for the ethics training required by AB 1234, then the Fair Political Practices Commission and the Attorney General shall be consulted regarding any proposed course content. Other than the consultation requirement regarding the training course, the Commission has no jurisdiction to interpret or advise on the requirements of AB 1234. In response to AB 1234's requirement that the Commission be consulted regarding proposed course content, the Commission has implemented Regulation 18371. Please see Regulation 18371 for information on what the Commission has determined should be included in a local ethics training course. A link to Regulation 18371 and the Attorney General's Office's AB 1234 information can be found below.

There are numerous training options, including training conducted by commercial organizations, nonprofits, or even an agency's own legal counsel. In addition, interested parties have collaborated to create an on-line training program that will allow local officials to satisfy the requirements of AB 1234 on a cost-free basis. The training may be accessed by clicking the button below, and at the end of the training a certification of completion must be printed.

The free online training offered here is a self-serve training program. It is your obligation to print a certificate and provide it to your agency in a timely manner. Please allow ample time to ensure that you are able to complete the training by the due date. We are not responsible for unexpected technical difficulties that could occur resulting in unavailability of this training program on our website. No copies can be retained by the program or the website. Please do not share your account.

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