ASA Adult Softball

Get your friends and family together and swing for the fences this Spring! We offer a co-ed league and a men's league, both with an 8 game schedule (plus playoffs) for patricipants over the age of 18.

Age: 18 and up
Day: Men's: Fridays
        Co-ed's: Sundays
Dates: Men's: Begins March 17th
            Co-ed's: Begins March 19th
Time: Games start at 6:30 pm (tentatively)
Location: Patterson Sports Complex
Cost: $475 per team

Registration: January 30th - March 3rd at the Recreation Department Office.

Adult Basketball

Lace 'em up and get ready to hoop with is this winter! Patterson Recreation is teaming up with Patterson High School to once again offer Adult Basketball! A guaranteed 10 game season will be offered to a men's open divison, men's b - division (35+/Beginners), and women's open.

Age: 18+
Day: Sundays
Dates: January 22nd - April 9th
Time: TBD
Location: Walnut Grove Gym
Cost: $500

Registration: December 5th - January 13th at the Recreation Department Office

Outdoor Hikes

Join us on a hike through our beautiful Del Puerto Canyon! It is a view you don't want to miss!

 Registration: Require pre-registration with our Recreation Office
Age: All Ages
Days: Saturdays
Date: February 4, 2017
    March 4, 2017
    April 1, 2017
Time: Arrive by 8:30 am at Hammon Senior Center for head count.
Location: Del Puerto Canyon, Patterson, CA 
Cost: FREE to all participants
Easy Hike - The easiest of the three hikes is geared towards canyon hikers of all ages and skills. The far western portion of the Minnear Day Use Area is where this hike will begin. This portion of the Del Puerto Canyon creek bed is wide and flat. Along the creek bed, hikers can explore at their own pace, observing wildlife and seasonal wildflowers, or the differing array of metamorphic rocks that line Del Puerto Creek. Crossing the creek is not necessary, but will open up more exploring opportunities in some of the surrounding hills should you decide.

Moderately Strenuous Hike - 2.5 miles, elevation -80 ft/+80 ft. This hike follows Del Puerto Creel downstream from the western, flat portion of the Minnear Day Use Area to where it narrows and meets up with the confluence of the North Fork of Del Puerto Creek. There, hikers can break for a snack or lunch before heading back up the canyon. Along with impressive metamorphic rock formations, and beautiful spring time flora and fauna, hikers along this route can observe remains of a Native American Indian over, as well as an abandoned mine prospect. Crossing Del Puerto Creek may be required in a few places and waterproof boots or shoes are recommended, but not required. portions of the trail are very rocky and may require some time to traverse. 

Most Strenuous Hike - 4.2 miles, elevation -98 ft/+1,020 ft. The most strenuous of the guided hikes will take hikers through some of the most scenic locations in Del Puerto Canyon. Starting along the wide parking culvert on the north side of the road at the 12 mile mark, hikers will traverse down the steep embankment and begin following Del Puerto Creek downstream to its confluence with Slick Rock Canyon at the western most portion of the day use area. There, hikers will navigate Slick Rock before turning up a nearby hill that will take them up 640 ft in just a short time. A break will be observed among the shady oak trees at the top of the hill before traversing down the backside of the hill and into the box canyon of the North Fork of Del Puerto Creek. Upon arriving at the confluence of the North Fork and Del Puerto Creek, hikers will have the option of cutting their hike short at about 3.1 miles, and returning to their vehicles, or continuing on up Del Puerto Creek for about a half mile to see the Del Puerto Narrows and site of the Native American Indian oven before returning to the parking area.

Cautions: Hikers should wear proper footwear and may wish to employ a walking stick for added stability while hiking. While Rattlesnakes do live in the Minnear Day Use Area, they usually remain hibernating until the warmer months.

Click here to view Outdoor Hike Route

Open Gym

Come ready to play, and enjoy your evening at our Open Gym program. There are two courts to play either volleybal, or basketball. Games available will depend on interest each night.

Age: 18 and up
Day: Saturday
Dates: Ongoing
Time: 6:00 - 9:00pm
Location: Walnut Grove Gym, 775 Hartley Ave.
Cost: Free Youth Resident under 18
          $1 Youth Non-Resident under 18
          $2 18+ Residents
          $3 18+ Non-Residents
          $5 Monthly Entry Membership Card
Open Gym Rules:
        -Staff will keep track of who plays next
        -ABSOLUTELY no fighting physically or verbally
        -One warning, and you're out for the night
        -No gang colors
        -Play to have fun, not to win