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City of Patterson Consolidated General Municipal Elections

The Consolidated General Municipal Elections for the City of Patterson are held on even numbered years in the Month of November.  At this time, the following offices are up for election: (one) Mayor Seat (2-Year Full Term) and (two) Council Member Seats (4-Year Full Term).  Certification of the Election is made official on the first regular City Council meeting in December.  At this meeting, your newly elected or re-elected City Mayor and City Council Members are officially seated.  

Consolidated General Municipal Election - November 6, 2018

  • Notice of Election: Click Here
  • Final Nomination List: Click Here
  • Notice of Election Measure "Y" (Cannabis Tax): Click Here
  • 2018 Preliminary Election Calendar - June 5, 2018 : Click Here
  • 2018 General Election Calendar - November 6, 2018: Click Here
  • Information Regarding the Placement of Political Signs in the City of Patterson: Click Here
  • Reporting Requirements, Limitations on Contributions Week Preceding Election (Nov. 2018): Click Here
  • Patterson (Adopted 2016) Districts: Click Here

Consolidated General Municipal Election - November 8, 2016

  • Notice of Election: Click Here 
  • Final Nomination List: Click Here
  • Nominees for Public Office: Click Here
  • To find your polling location: 

    Click Here
  • 2016 Election Calendar: Click Here
  • Information Regarding the Placement of Political Signs in the City of Patterson:  Click Here
  • Patterson 2016 Adopted Districts: Click Here
  • Resolution No. 2016-92, Declaring the Results of the City of Patterson City Council General Municipal Election Consolidated with the Presidential General Election held November 8, 2016: Click Here
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