Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

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In a catastrophic disaster, local government and emergency response resources may not be readily available following the event. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program provides disaster preparedness and response training along with basic emergency skills. By being prepared with some basic skills, we can lessen the effects of a disaster and help sustain ourselves and our community until assistance can arrive.

CERT is comprised of trained citizens who are able to help the community during times of crisis or disaster. Training includes:

  • Personal and family preparedness
  • Earthquake and disaster preparedness
  • Team organization
  • Medical triage
  • Light search and rescue

Who should take CERT training? Any adult (living or working in West Stanislaus County) interested in taking an active role in emergency preparedness: parents, students, teachers, community leaders and members of clubs and or civic organizations. No matter where you live, no matter who you are, we all have a role in emergency preparedness. What role will you play?

For more information regarding CERT, please contact us at 209-895-8130.

CERT Application and Related Documents

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