Parks & Landscape Maintenance

Parks Division

The Parks & Landscape Division is responsible for the maintenance of over 63 locations of park, basins, streetscapes and features which equal to 141 acres of park and landscape. The maintenance activities include:
  • Play structure inspections
  • Emergency and routine maintenance of play structures
  • Maintain landscaping in public right-of-way and streetscapes.
  • Maintenance of Irrigation systems & turf.
  • Grass seeding and fertilizing
  • Litter & Trash pickup
  • Repair of vandalism & damage.
For a map of City Parks, please click here.

Currently, there are 25 play structures and 53 park facilities in Patterson.

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Leading the division is Xavier Guluarte.  Mr. Guluarte is in the process of becoming a Certified Industry Landscape Technician.

​Additional Information

Residential parks are not reservable sites.  Please see the Park Reservation page for more information on reservable sites.

Special Notice:  

Blue Fiesta Park
The wet winter we experienced in 2015 has allowed the State of California to lift the water restrictions that were placed on Cities in 2015.  Due to the change in restrictions Blue Fiesta Park will now be open for the summer months.  Due to this change, pool passes will not be issued this year.

Park Turf & Landscape
City wide imposed water restrictions will affect City parks and landscape.  Park turf may reflect water restriction changes in its appearance.