Water Crew

Division Responsibilities

The Water Division is responsible for the delivery of the city's drinking water. The crew operates 7 deep underground water wells for drinking, 2 non-potable wells for irrigation only, 3 storage tanks and 3 pressure zones.

Repair of City Infrastructure

The division also maintains and performs repairs on the city's infrastructure which include:

  • 49 miles of water mains
  • 587 Fire Hydrants
  • 978 Water Valves
  • 483 backflow prevention assemblies

Water Quality

The City's drinking water supply meets or exceeds state and federal drinking water standards. Water sampling is performed weekly and submitted to an independent lab for analysis. The results are reported to the State Water Resources Control Board.

Meter Reading

All water services in Patterson are metered. Meter reading is performed every month for over 6,000 active water accounts.

Water Information Hotline

The city has established a public information hotline and a dedicated email address so customers can get all of their questions answered with regards to any water quality and water conservation concerns. All residents can have their water quality or water conversations concerns and questions addressed by calling 209-895-8070 or by emailing water quality.

Additional Information

All of the City's Water Operators are certified by the State Water Resources Control Board in the distribution and treatment of drinking water. The City's Water Operators are very knowledgeable in safety standards and operations for optimal drinking water quality. Leading the Water Operations Division is Water Supervisor, Mike Heard. If you have any further questions, please contact Public Works at (209) 895-8060.