Community Design Guidelines

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The Community Development Department

(Planning Division)

Purpose of the Community Design Guidelines
The design guidelines are intended to describe and inform project designers and applicants of the city's expectations and preferences for the quality and character of new development. Development projects of all types should be designed in a manner that responds to the unique characteristics of their individual sites, but also to fit into the wider context of Patterson.

These guidelines have been prepared because Patterson has become a city with a physical character and identity that are distinct, attractive, and widely appreciated by residents and visitors. At the same time, changes in the nature of business, marketing, and the overall economy beyond our community have created pressures for types and styles of development that have, without strong local guidance, made many other communities lose their distinctiveness and look and feel like everywhere else, and nowhere in particular.

Patterson intends to maintain and enhance its present character as a compact community, with attractive and pedestrian-oriented commercial areas, well-designed neighborhoods, and a vital downtown.

Design Review Process
In addition to assisting project designers and developers, these guidelines are considered by the Planning Commission and City Council in the Design Review process. The commission uses the guidelines when they evaluate the suitability and appropriateness of individual project design, and as a basis for exploring changes to proposed projects to better satisfy the community's objectives for attractive and environmentally sensitive development.

Design Plan
For more information about the guidelines and process, view the Community Design Guidelines and Downtown Physical Design Plan (PDF) or contact the Planning Department at (209) 895-8020. You may also contact Joel Andrews, City Planner at (209) 895-8024 or Teresa Rodriguez, Associate Planner at (209) 895-8026.
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