1. City Administration

    Find information about the city's Administration Department which is comprised of the City Manager's Office, City Clerk, Human Resources, and more.

  2. Community Development

    The Community Development Department performs a variety of services intended to protect, maintain, and develop an attractive, safe, and healthy community.

  3. Engineering, Building, and Capital Projects

    The Engineering and Construction Division is responsible for the preparation of technical plans and specifications for all capital improvement projects.

  4. Finance Department

    Find information about accounts payable / receivable, audits and budgets, business licenses, utilities, and more.

  5. Fire Department

    Get information about the Patterson City Fire Department.

  6. Human Resources

    The mission of the Human Resources Division is to proactively partner with customers and deliver quality services to attract, select, and retain a productive, effective, and diverse workforce.

  7. Police Department

    Get information about the Patterson Police Department and the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department.

  8. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works is the largest department in the city. It deals with basic infrastructure of the city, including drinking water, wastewater, roadway maintenance, street trees, and park maintenance.

  9. Recreation & Community Services

    Get information regarding recreational activities and services for the community of Patterson.