City Services

  1. Animal Control

    Get information about Stanislaus County's Animal Control Department.

  2. Utility Services (Water, Sewer & Garbage)

    Water, Sewer & Garbage Service Start Service, Stop Service Garbage not picked up

  3. Commute Connection

    Commute Connection is an employer-based Travel Demand Management (TDM) program serving the 3 northern regions of the San Joaquin Valley.

  4. Fire Department

    Get information about the Patterson City Fire Department.

  5. Newspapers

    Get contact and other information about the newspaper providers for Patterson.

  6. Post Office

    View the USPS website to obtain information about the post office in Patterson.

  7. Police Department

    Get information about the Patterson Police Department and the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department.

  8. Utility Service Providers